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From a beginner

douglas sneddon

This is a great course for anyone wanting to learn how to airbrush. After watching airbrush asylums utube vids I noticed they did a online course, so I signe...

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This is a great course for anyone wanting to learn how to airbrush. After watching airbrush asylums utube vids I noticed they did a online course, so I signed up and boy I’m glad I did as a beginner I found it challenging yet achievable, and every time I achieved a lesson I was excited and wanting more so on to the next lesson I went. I could not recommend this course enough to anyone starting or even the advanced airbrusher as I’m sure they would love it too and find things that they didn’t even know , there is so much in this course my only hope is there are more to come. Thanks airbrush asylum for this and helping me on my journey. Extremely happy customer

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Why this Course ?

Welcome to the Airbrush Asylum Introductory Online Airbrushing Course. 

This Online version of our Classic Airbrushing Course (which is usually held over one day) provides you with access to a total of 39 Videos over 4hrs & 40mins of tutorials as well as 8 text lessons all jam packed into one easy to follow Airbrushing Course, designed for anyone who wants to learn how to Airbrush.

Once purchased you will have access to informative Video Lessons, text information, diagrams, cutting maps as well as Reference images which you can download or print to make following along with this course a breeze.

If you have always wanted to learn how to Airbrush then this Course will easily help you do that, it will also become a valuable asset for years to come as you progress through your Airbrushing Journey.

So why not grab your airbrush, top it up with some paint, fire up your compressor and get ready to learn how to properly use an Airbrush and create some amazing artwork throughout this course.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    A few Basics before we get started.

    • Course Material List

    • Health & Safety

    • Compressor Info


    • Airbrush Types - Single Action & Double Action

    • Airbrushes Gravity or Siphon

    • 3 Main Factors in Airbrushing

    • How to Hold your Airbrush

    • PSI & Compressor Tips Connecting your brush

    • Mixing Paint & Reducer

    • Tip Drying

    • How to Clean your Airbrush

    • How to disassemble and reassemble your Airbrush

  • 3


    • A4 Graph (Grid) Book

    • Lesson 1 : Warm Up.

    • Lesson 2 : Shaded Dots

    • Lesson 3 : Fine Dots

    • Lesson 4 : Dots, fine to large

    • Lesson 5 : Dots, large to fine

    • Lesson 6 : Shaded Lines

    • Lesson 7 : Lines

    • Lesson 8 : Lines in columns, The Ladder exercise

    • Lesson 9 : Cross Hatch

    • Lesson 10 : Dagger Strokes, Thin to Thick

    • Lesson 11 : Dagger Strokes, Thick to Thin

    • Lesson 12 : UFO Strokes

    • Lesson 13 : Circles with shadows

  • 4

    Chapter #2 : SPECIAL FX

    • Lesson 1 : GRANITE

    • Lesson 2 : SPACE

    • Lesson 3 : White Wash Timber Panels

    • Lesson 4 : BRICK

  • 5


    • Mixing Transparent Black

    • Lesson 1 : Making Paper Templates

    • Lesson 2 : Grey Underpainting

    • Lesson 3 : White Highlights

    • Lesson 4 : Black Detailing

    • Lesson 5 : Final White Highlights

  • 6


    • Mixing Bone colour

    • Mixing Transparent tones

    • Lesson 1 : Making Paper templates

    • Lesson 2 : Underpainting

    • Lesson 3 : SEPIA detailing & Adding Transparent Tones

    • Lesson 4 : Highlights

    • Lesson 5 : Transparent Black detailing

  • 7

    Next steps

    • More Airbrush related links & resources for you


Carsten Zehmisch

Carsten Zehmisch has been a professional artist for more than 20 years. Picking up an airbrush for the first time in 1997, he knew that he had found his passion in life. Over the years Carsten has completed various commissions for clients, he has airbrushed artworks on motorbikes, planes, cars, amongst many other unique custom projects. In 2004, he won an honourable mention at the Summernats Airbrush Competition. In 2006, he was presented ‘Best Overall’ by legendary US Custom painter and founder of House of Kolor - Jon Kosmoski at Sydney’s MotorEx. Carsten's award winning artworks have featured in numerous national and international magazines as well as having the privilege of hosting international artists Dru Blair and Mike Lavallee. In 2012, Carsten was asked to airbrush with 18 of the worlds 'best' airbrush artists on the House of Kolor trade stand @ SEMA Las Vegas, Nevada. Carsten currently works closely with Iwata demonstrating for them at numerous trade shows and events Australia Wide including Summernats and MotorEx. Carsten is now best known for creating Airbrush Art for his YouTube channel, Airbrush Asylum where he combines his skill and knowledge of the airbrush coupled with 'easy to follow' tuition which helps budding airbrush enthusiasts across the world to master the craft. ​


  • Is this Course perfect for someone who has never Airbrushed before ?

    Yes, this Course is specifically designed to help anyone learn how to Airbrush. If you have never picked up an Airbrush or you are someone who has some experience but never taken a course, or you are one of our students who has completed our face to face airbrushing class, but you want to refresh your knowledge or continue to practice then this is the perfect course for you.

  • Once purchased will this course be handy even when I finish all of the lessons ?

    Yes, it will become your most valuable asset when learning how to Airbrush. The lessons in this course are designed to help you master how to use the Airbrush, the lessons will take time and practice to master and even as an experienced Airbrush Artist especially the basic airbrushing exercises Lines, Dots, Dagger Strokes (Chapter #1) will be incredibly valuable to have these lessons at your fingertips, so that you can continue to practice long after you complete this course.

  • Once purchased are there any other additional costs ?

    No, this Course is a 'one time payment' meaning once purchased you will have access to this course for life.

  • How are the lessons in this course presented ?

    The course is split into 3 main chapters Chapter #1 - Basic Exercises, Chapter #2 - Special FX & Chapter #3 - Two feature Artworks a Skull in Black & Grey and one in Colour. In addition you will also get access to text information, diagrams, helpful resource links, downloadable reference images and 'cutting maps' which you can also print to make following along with the course information easy. The lessons are predominantly featured as Video lessons in a very easy to follow structure in a similar format to how Carsten films his tutorials for his YouTube channel.

  • I am not artistic, I can't even draw a stick figure, will this course still be suitable ?

    Yes, Airbrushing is more about learning how to use the 'tool', most students who have good hand, eye coordination easily pickup the double action airbrush technique and are able to Airbrush artworks even if they are not artistically minded. That said if you do have Artistic talent then you will be able to create original Airbrush paintings limited only by your imagination, rather than needing to follow reference images as non artistic students have to.


    39 Videos over 4 hours & 40 minutes of footage. Easy to follow information packed Video tutorials which will show you the correct use of the Airbrush and how to create some amazing artworks.


    Downloadable and Printable Reference images, including high res PDF and smaller JPG as well as cutting maps that make following along with the tutorials easy and become an invaluable resource for your learning.

  • INFO

    This Course is jam packed full of information and in addition to the Video lessons, Image downloads you will also find helpful resources to products, diagrams and other Airbrush related information.

Keen to get Started ?

This Course will walk you through everything you need to know when learning how to Airbrush. If you are keen to get started then go grab your Airbrush, top it up with some Paint and fire up your compressor and lets create some amazing Artwork together.